Worsley Court House

A quick trip over to Worsley Court House today for Mike and Laura’s pre-wedding meeting and engagement shoot. Mike and Laura are getting married on the 30th September, so not long to go now !

Whilst the Court House itself doesn’t have very large grounds of it’s own, there are some fantastic locations right on it’s doorstep.

We had a wander down to the cobbled bridge going over the canal. The flower in Laura’s hair had a vintage/retro feel  about it, so I have processed these images with a bit of ‘Vintage’ styling!

Just a few photo’s from our afternoon !

[ Mike and Laura’s wedding photo’s are  online here, Worsley Court House Wedding ]

Worsley Court House


Worsley Court House

Mike and Laura were fantastic, I always prefer to do an engagement session with a couple before they get married if possible. It gives us an ideal opportunity to go and have a wander around the venue, decide what’s going to happen when and where, and have a bit of fun too.

Mike is a very tall chap, so I may have to take some ladders on their wedding ! But sometimes it pays to be sneaky and by sitting Mike down, I can get a great shot of them both !

Worsley Court House

The water in the canal at Worsley usually has an orange tint in it. Water feeds into the canal from local mines and has traces of iron ore in it, hence the orange colour. As we move into Autumn the colour of the canal and the turning colour of the leaves allows us to get some fantastic images. If you are having a Autumnal wedding Worsley Court House can be very picturesque.

Worsley Court House

Congratulations again to Mike and Laura, I can’t wait for the wedding. We are going to have a fantastic day on the 30th !

Worsley Court House


Mike and Laura’s wedding photo’s are  online here, Worsley Court House Wedding

Getting Married at Worsley Court House?

If you are getting married at Worsley Court House or having your Wedding Reception there, please feel free to get in touch for a consultation to discuss your requirements.

You can email me directly here, or call on 07808 174 805.





  1. michele bowman

    what an adorable couple!! so lovely.

  2. Jared Tseng

    Love them!

  3. Nathan Gilmer

    Super cute. My favorite is the third from the bottom.

  4. gabby t

    love your last shot.

  5. Shell Bailey

    Love the first two especially, they’re lovely and dreamy.

  6. Heather

    Love the location.

  7. Kristin

    Lovely set of images and I really like the processing on them.

  8. shipra

    Sweet and romantic!

  9. Nora

    What a sweet couple. Nice work!

  10. Amanda Hoffman

    These are such sweet shots.

  11. Dean Govier

    Great set of photos Ric. The colours and light are very nice.

  12. Marie Lloyd

    Look forward to seeing the wedding here Ric, it looks like a beautiful venue.

  13. Heather

    Aw, I really like that second to last one. Gorgeous work!

  14. Anne Marie Carson

    Wow, what a lovely location… they look so sweet together! Good job balancing their height difference as well.

  15. Gary Derbridge

    Great photos! The colours and light are spot on!

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