White Hart Wedding

Back to the White Hart Inn at Lydgate again !

Another great wedding, congratulations to both Kevin and Diana who were married today ! [Sorry Wills and Kate, I was already booked]

A bit of a windy day but the rain held off and the sun shone. [What more could you want !] We had visited Blackstones Country park a couple of weeks before hand, with a view of calling back on the wedding day…certainly worth while from the photos I’ve seen so far !

Here’s a few from the day, if you want to view all the images then please get in touch with Diana or Kevin for the password.








  1. Jason Lloyd

    The bridge shot is an epic Ric!!

  2. Andy Garfitt

    Lovely set, the bridge shot is fantastic!

  3. Marie Lloyd

    Loving that bridge shot. Just amazing. Nice set

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