White Hart Lydgate Engagement Shoot

The beast from the east has returned…

When I left the house to head up to Saddleworth to meet Clare and Eddie, the snow was forecast. There had been lots of snow  the week before but it had all cleared, the cold weather had come from the east, hence the name ‘The Beast from the East’ :-)

Clare and Eddie are getting married at St Annes church in Lydgate and then over the road to party at The White Hart Inn. We had decided to meet up at The White Hart and have a final run through of the wedding day and check the timings and details. As I arrived the sun was shining but the snow clouds were looming…

Saddleworth is pretty much always windy [ brides and up do’s go hand in hand when you get married in Saddleworth ]. We had a run through of the day and then decided to have a quick trip through the village to Brownhills. The canal there can make a fantastic backdrop for photo’s and is a great location for bride and groom photos too.

The wind had picked up, with the wind chill I think it was about -5 but we decided to have a quick wander. Eyes watering from the wind and hair going everywhere but we had a little walk. Clare and Eddie were troopers, it was freezing and the wind was biting. We managed to get a few photo’s before the snow came down.

Bella introduced herself to me as Anna, she did change her name to Elsa later on…if your are singing ‘let it go’ right now, I’m sorry :-)

Not long to go now till Clare and Eddie’s wedding at The White Hart, hopefully we’ve seen the last of the snow ! Please check back for their wedding sneak previews a few days after their wedding. If you are getting married at The White Hart or St Annes Church in Lydgate and would like to have a chat about your wedding photography please feel free to get in touch.


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