Album choices

We have various packages with albums included, however if you book the digital only package you can at any point purchase a wedding album separately.

The first wedding anniversary is paper…so an ideal 1st wedding anniversary present !

Wedding Albums – 40 page

A truly stunning handmade album from Italy. These are our main albums and are the ones that I bring when I come and meet you.

Suzanna and Seth’s wedding album, Crystal Perspex Cover with a black leather back and spine.


• 40 pages

• 30cm x 20cm (12 inches x 8 inches)

• Choice of cover

These albums are stunning, when you pick one up you can feel the quality.

The 40 page album can hold 80 images, if you need would like more this can be upgraded, you can pick these via your gallery and then send me the link. The instructions on how to pick those images are here. How to pick your album images.

These albums can be upgraded in size or quantity of pages, please give me a ring or email should you require a larger size and I will get a bespoke quote over to you

Additional pages can be added at £5 per page, a minimum of two pages can be added. Every two images over the initial eighty require one page.

This gives space for an additional two images per page.

There is a very large choice of covers, leather, perspex, metal etc. You can download the current covers catalogue from here, this is a very large (25MB) file and will take a while to download.

£495 – Inclusive of any cover choice.

Parent albums

Parent albums can be ordered along side the main album, the parent album’s design is exactly the same as the main album.
(Should the parent album require different images then there is an additional £100 design charge, per design.)

Parent albums can be bought as singles or in pairs for a discounted price.

Option 1  – An exact copy of your main wedding album, including the same cover –  £300 | For 2 copies £450

(based on a 40 page album)

Option 2 – An exact copy of your wedding album, but with a hard backed printed cover, thin pages, no lamination – £ 150 | For 2 copies £250

(based on a 40 page album)

Option 3 – Two half size versions of your main wedding album, with a hard backed printed cover – £180 | Additional copies £80 per two copies

(based on a 40 page album)

A briefcase can be ordered to store the albums in, £30 each (Only available for full size albums) there also Leather slip cases from £120 each.


Rob and Emma’s Parent album- this is a full size hard backed cover.





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