Linzi and Sam are one of my destination weddings this year…they are getting married at the Raven Hall Hotel over in Ravenscar, Scarbourough ! [ http://www.ravenhall.co.uk/ ]

As neither of us live any wear near Ravenscar ;-) we met up for a little wander around  at Rounhay Park in Leeds. Unfortunately, whoever is in charge of the Sun decided to turn it off and we a had a very dark, cloudy evening, not the magnificent golden light I was hoping for.

Roundhay is park is magnificent and I hope I get to explore it again with a little bit of sun. We still non the less got some great photo’s


…and a few in colour.

If you are getting married in or around Roundhay Park in Leeds or as far afield as Ravenscar, feel free to get in touch as I am more than happy to travel throughout the UK.  info@riclatham.com  07808 174 805




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