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…my personal blog.

I am one of those very lucky people that love what I do for a living and when I get ‘time off’ I go off and do some more photography ! It is a great life being a Manchester Photographer !

Instead of filling up the Wedding Blog with my personal work I have created a seperate blog here, to fill up with all my adventures as photographer. If you are wanting gear reviews and recommendations that blog is here. After shooting with Canon Camera’s for over 26 years i have now switched to Fuji’s cameras. Fujifilm UK were very kind and lent me a couple of cameras and lenses last year for me to have a play with. I bought my own within a week. So if you are looking for Fuji reviews, there will be plenty popping up in the gear blog.

Being a profesional photographer involves less time taking photo’s than you’d think. A lot of the work is marketing, admin, meetings, blogging and lot’s of editing. So whenever the opportunity arises, I grab a camera and go take some photos. I love what’s called portraiture…pictures of people. Hence me being a wedding photographer, at a wedding I have a captive audience who can’t escape. Most guests at a wedding expect to have their photo taken so I’m in my element. For the most part though, I am a documentary photographer and enjoy capturing what’s happening, the real moments, and not staging shots.

I do like pretty much all genres of photography, some more than others. So there will be a mixture of landscape photography, street photography, portraits, macro, night, wildlife and the odd bird. Though I must admit I will never be a bird photographer, I have tried sitting in a ‘hide’ recently…but I’m not sure I have the patience :-)

The beauty of photography is that there are so many different things/people/objects/expressions/people to photograph that you can never get bored…

As a Fitbit wearer and someone who strives to get a bit fitter, popping out and doing a bit of landscape photography allows me to get my ‘exercise’ but tricks my brain because I’m taking a camera along for the fun part.


Dovestones Resevoir – February 2018 – Just before the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived.



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