Emergency Wedding Photographer – Manchester

Don’t panic !

If you have been let down by another photographer, don’t panic, give me a call on 07808174805 or email info@riclatham.com

I am based in Manchester and my Wedding Photography kit is always fully charged and ready to go. I am a highly experianced Photographer and can easily jump in to help out at a minutes notice. If I am already booked shooting another wedding then I will still be able to pass on your details to a large network of professional Manchester based Photographers.

Depending on how much notice there is I am able to travel throughout the UK, obviously I can only cover the wedding if I am physically able to get there in time depending on the location

Twice last year I have had to step in the last minute when Brides have been let down by another ‘photographer’, I use the term loosely. In both times these Brides have booked their Photographer via Groupon. Most Professional Photographers do not advertise on Groupon, plain and simple it is just not economical to do so.

This appears to be happening more every year. Please research your Wedding Photographer carefully, check their online reviews, meet them in person, ask them lots of questions !
I have a review section over on my Facebook Page here…   Manchester Wedding Photographer Reviews

Here is another customer from 2014 who had unfortunately been let down by a Photography company in Salford, that had advertised on Groupon and then went bankrupt (strangely enough!) before photographing any of the wedding that they had booked.
(the review below can be seen on my Facebook page linked above).

Mark contacted me on the Friday, explained what had happened…on the Sunday I shot their wedding, and we had a fantastic day !

Emergency wedding photographer
Here’s one from Mark and Sharon’s wedding, a great day and so glad that I was able to help out at the last minute.


So please don’t panic if for any reason you appear to have ‘lost’ your wedding photographer…give me a call no matter how soon the wedding is, and I’m sure I can either come and shoot it myself or if I am already booked, get someone to to step in.

Most of my recent work is over on Facebook here…  Manchester Wedding Photographer

There are galleries here of full weddings….  Real Manchester Weddings

Questions to ask your wedding photographer here…

Ric – 07808174805



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