Canon 5DSr for wedding photography

Canon 5DSr for wedding photographers

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So I’ve now shot a couple of weddings with the Canon 5DSr, and I’m keeping it.

Just to clarify I’m not sponsored or have received a test body from Canon…though I am open to offers. I bought my 5DSr a couple of weeks ago and am extremely happy with it.

There are lot’s of misconceptions on whether this is a good ‘fit’ for wedding photographers…mainly from people that have never held a 5DSr let alone shot any weddings with them.

I personally don’t shoot video with my DSLR’s so this was never a consideration. I’ve been using Canon camera’s since film days and have had various Canon digital cameras’ over the years Canon 20D, 30D, 40D, 5D, 5Dmk2’s, 5Dmk3’s.

I generally buy two bodies the same at anyone time, as I like to have an ‘exact’ backup body should the first get damaged.

All weddings are different so I have no ‘set’ system, but I am generally a prime lens shooter (at the minute) and love the crop ability of the 50.6 megapixels. There are lot’s of times when I can not physically get to the spot I would like to be in, to get the composition I would like…50mp allows you to get the composition that you had intended.

I’ve had the Canon 5D mark 3’s for over 3 year’s and shot at least 150 weddings with these bodies. It still is a fantastic camera and there isn’t a great deal that needs improving. Canon, unlike some other manufacturers don’t release a new body every other week and so us poor Canon users have been waiting a long time for the Canon 5D mark 4 (Canon 5dX?) to come out.

So the good points:

The Shutter mechanism
The shutter mechanism has changed, it’s a completely different noise now to the 5D3, it’s been dampened. When shooting with 5D3 I would always use silent shutter mode during the ceremony…unless I’m in a ‘you stay at the back’ type of church !
During the rest of the day I would always then switch back to the regular clunk,as I was never a fan of the slight dlesy you get using the silent shutter. The 5DSr now has pretty much a silent shutter as normal..there is not a great deal of difference between the 5d3 silent shutter and the regular shutter sound on the 5DSr…so I’ll just be leaving mine on ‘regular’.

The card slots
The SD slot is no longer crippled like the 5D3 and will utilise the speed of the card that is in it. Like it’s predecessors the Canon 5DSr has a CF and an SD slot and you can write as before. For most of us that have had the 5d’s this is great as all of you cards will work, but you may need bigger cards.

50.6 Megapixels
The obvious one ! Yes, that’s a big jump from the Canon 5D3’s 22.3 megapixels. Most wedding photographers are quite happy with anything over 10-12 megapixels, for the most part we don’t ‘really’ need any more than that. On the plus side as I’ve already mentioned it gives enormous ability to be able to crop into a photo and still have more resolution than you had withe mark3’s. For a prime shooter that really is good. If you shoot zooms and rarely need or want to recompose in post then this isn’t of great benefit. However, taking a portrait in portrait mode and then being able to crop in and change the orientation to landscape is great, and still have enough resolution for a large print.

Canon 5 DSr : wedding photographers review part two



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